Are you looking to make your first investments in cryptocurrencies? Starting with bitcoin would be a smart investment decision. Bitcoin is the biggest cryptocurrency in market value, the most traded and has tons of information. There has been no other asset that has appreciated like bitcoin since its inception. If you are dipping your hand in cryptocurrencies for the first time, it is advisable to buy bitcoin for several reasons:

Tons of Free Investment Information

Unlike an investment in stocks or commodities where the best investments depend on insider information, all information on bitcoin is freely available. You can see its price movement from the beginning to the present. There is also a vibrant bitcoin community online that discusses everything happening around bitcoin.

Investing in bitcoin gives you an opportunity to learn about the broad blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. You will see why it is the most transparent and secure asset without the possibility of manipulation. You will also learn how to buy in different crypto exchanges and from private holders. 

Growth in Value 

No other asset has seen the price appreciation that bitcoin has experienced since its innovation. Its price has risen by several thousand percent. Investors who bought and held bitcoin less than ten years ago are now holding perhaps the most valuable asset. 

While some people are apprehensive about cryptocurrency price swings, the general movement in price has remained upward. But if it continues to appreciate like it has, you could still make a killing if you buy BTC cryptocurrency today.

Growing Practical Applications 

A currency is validated when its acceptance as a medium of exchange and store of value becomes widespread. A few years ago, only tech nerds would exchange bitcoin for services. Today, on-the-fly exchange rates have enabled more businesses to accept bitcoin as payment. You can carry a card that allows you to make payments where bitcoin is accepted.

Bitcoin is a credible store of value on account of its value growth. Based on prior performance, there is a strong promise of further value growth. Every big investment firm in the world today has bitcoin in its portfolio. As a smart investor, it is prudent to buy bitcoin and hold it in your portfolio. Your investment will be very valuable in a few years if bitcoin experiences growth as it has seen in the last few years.

Would you like to expand your investment portfolio with cryptocurrencies? Talk to a professional about how to buy bitcoin